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courses-at-UK-Writers-CollegeWelcome to AirTkt official blog’s Guest posts section. Airtkt.com is an  accredited and bonded travel site having thousands of monthly visits.

If you have  creative writing skills,  or are experienced in travel writing and would like the world to know about it , then why don’t  you  just do that.  Share your expertise and see how you grow with us.

  • General Guidelines
  • Let us know about yourself and your work briefly max. 50 words.
  • Write a post that can benefit our reader.
  • The post should be of high quality and contain helpful tips..
  • The subject should be in the range of 800-1500 words.
  • Write plagiarism free contents, we don’t accept duplicate articles. (Previously published post will be declined immediately.)
  • The post should have a Killer title and evince a reaction after reading.

Submission Guidelines


  • Use Cambria, Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, Vardana font and size 12
  • Use titles, subtitles, bold or italicized for key sentences.
  • Use examples, facts and bullet points to highlight the topic
  • Share some suggested image for your post.
  • Send images separately mentioning image no.
  • Be prepared to respond to comments in a timely manner over the new few days.


  • Don’t attach image in posts, we need texts only (you can send image separately)
  • Affiliate links, don’t do link building here.
  • Avoid sending inappropriate, offensive, promotional and inaccurate posts.
  • We don’t accept overly critical articles of individual or companies.


  • Send an email or fill the contact form. ( social@airtkt.com )
  • Tell us the title of the post you want us to publish.
  • Forward to us some of your earlier published posts.

 After going through the above guidelines, we recommend that  you to fill up the below contact form or email us your Post. We shall proceed to examine it in detail and  if anywhere we find a requirement for it to be edited or modified then we shall do so. Please do not be upset if we edit or make any changes as our intention is only to make your post a success. Once accepted  we shall intimate to you via email.

Note: we retain the copyright of all material published on blog.airtkt.com. a guest poster cannot   republish  their guest post

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