Things to do on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is an annual event celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and second Monday in October in Canada. The first Thanksgiving  was celebrated in 1621, in present day Massachusetts, by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians as a blessing for the harvest and the preceding year. It has since become a tradition and occasion for friends and families to get together … Continue reading Things to do on Thanksgiving Day

Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time

The nation’s leading airlines have sharply improved their latest on-time ratings. The Transportation Department said Thursday that 86.5 percent of flights on the leading carriers arrived on time in September. That was the fourth best month in the 21 years of comparable records, and it was higher than the 80.3 percent on-time rating in August and 81.1 percent in September 2014. Delta Air Lines, Alaska … Continue reading Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time

Tips for travelling with baby on a plane

10 Tips Travelling with Infants and Toddlers Image Source Parentssociety When passengers board the aircraft there is almost an unanimous wish that no baby be seated near about them. Not that they don’t like babies but because babies tend to get cranky and when they do then there’s no stopping them. The sound level in their crying is unmatchable and even the aircraft drones and … Continue reading Tips for travelling with baby on a plane

Attractions in San Diego

Top 7 must see attractions in San Diego America’s finest city San Diego is the oldest town in California which is US Navy’s Pacific Fleet and sits adjacent to the US Mexico border.  It is with 70 miles of beautiful beaches, natural beauty and climate with plenty of sunshine, San Diego offers a fun and inexpensive getaway during all seasons of the year.The coastal seat … Continue reading Attractions in San Diego