Honeymoon Air Travel Tips

Honeymoon Travel Planning In the world of today honeymooning is another way of saying “let’s begin our togetherness with an unforgettable sharing experience by travelling out”. So that’s you should do when getting married. Planning a honeymoon trip is not so strenuous as the wedding plans since this is a mutual decision of a newly married couple. However, a little bit of guidance is always … Continue reading Honeymoon Air Travel Tips

10 Tips for Solo Women Travelers

In this jet age traveling has become a norm and almost everyone ventures out at some point of time or the other, whether for business or for pleasure. Women too have become more independent and are stepping out alone irrespective of the fact that the world is not such a safe place, especially for them. Still, it’s never too late to take certain precautions- “prevention … Continue reading 10 Tips for Solo Women Travelers

Air travel tips for senior citizens

Senior travel tips      Baby boomers are on the roll. They no longer want to stay local and are now wanting to see the world and experience things different. They are impatient to move and some of them even want to write about their adventures and encounters while traveling. The internet has further added to their zeal by disseminating more detailed information on the … Continue reading Air travel tips for senior citizens


Student Travel Tips

Lately, student travel is becoming more frequent and popular. Sometimes these excursions are educational and sometimes they are planned as a holiday trip. Either way the students obtain the advantage of getting a change from their daily routine besides adding to their gamut of knowledge the observations made on the trips. The travel community further lends a hand by encouraging these jaunts in the shape … Continue reading Student Travel Tips

Things to do on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is an annual event celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and second Monday in October in Canada. The first Thanksgiving  was celebrated in 1621, in present day Massachusetts, by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians as a blessing for the harvest and the preceding year. It has since become a tradition and occasion for friends and families to get together … Continue reading Things to do on Thanksgiving Day

Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time

The nation’s leading airlines have sharply improved their latest on-time ratings. The Transportation Department said Thursday that 86.5 percent of flights on the leading carriers arrived on time in September. That was the fourth best month in the 21 years of comparable records, and it was higher than the 80.3 percent on-time rating in August and 81.1 percent in September 2014. Delta Air Lines, Alaska … Continue reading Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time

What Can I And What Can I Not Take On a Flight

Day by day travelling byair is increasing and so is the nuisance value of the airport security. It is quite exasperating if at that juncture you end up having your coveted items being confiscated and disposed off just because you were not aware that those articles fell under a “not allowed” list. So the next time you plan a trip by air please ensure that … Continue reading What Can I And What Can I Not Take On a Flight


Traveling in an aircraft is exciting experience in itself. Whether it’s a short-haul or a long haul flight, it does not matter, but certain decorum has to be maintained. After all there are others using the same facility to go somewhere . Once you enter the airport the whole atmosphere will change you. It’s an area where people have converged for one thing only, and … Continue reading HOW TO BEHAVE ON A FLIGHT: TOP 10 FLIGHT ETIQUETTE

First class vs business class air travel

First Class vs Business Class If you are a passenger who likes to travel in comfort and style then flying business or first class is the right option. Of the two classes of travel which one is the better one is a choice which is entirely yours. The differences between the two are surely there else why would they be termed differently. However, slowly the … Continue reading First class vs business class air travel