Honeymoon Air Travel Tips

Honeymoon Travel Planning In the world of today honeymooning is another way of saying “let’s begin our togetherness with an unforgettable sharing experience by travelling out”. So that’s you should do when getting married. Planning a honeymoon trip is not so strenuous as the wedding plans since this is a mutual decision of a newly married couple. However, a little bit of guidance is always … Continue reading Honeymoon Air Travel Tips


Student Travel Tips

Lately, student travel is becoming more frequent and popular. Sometimes these excursions are educational and sometimes they are planned as a holiday trip. Either way the students obtain the advantage of getting a change from their daily routine besides adding to their gamut of knowledge the observations made on the trips. The travel community further lends a hand by encouraging these jaunts in the shape … Continue reading Student Travel Tips

Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time

The nation’s leading airlines have sharply improved their latest on-time ratings. The Transportation Department said Thursday that 86.5 percent of flights on the leading carriers arrived on time in September. That was the fourth best month in the 21 years of comparable records, and it was higher than the 80.3 percent on-time rating in August and 81.1 percent in September 2014. Delta Air Lines, Alaska … Continue reading Government Says More Airlines Flights Are Arriving on Time


Top 10 essential travel items Whenever you travel you want to pack as many items as you can. At that point of time every article seems to be essential. However, that becomes slightly difficult as there are baggage weight restraints. When flying the airline imposes certain restrictions on the amount of baggage you can check in and carry on board. Taking into account your destination … Continue reading TOP 10 ACCESSORIES FOR FLYING

10 Things to do when a Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

                      Things to do when a Flight is Delayed or Cancelled Image source : WSJ There are a number of reasons why flights get delayed or cancelled. At times they are inevitable and unavoidable due weather or mechanical reasons and at times due to some operational reasons. The fact of the matter is that whatever the reason it’s the passenger, i.e you, who really suffers. … Continue reading 10 Things to do when a Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Tips for travelling with baby on a plane

10 Tips Travelling with Infants and Toddlers Image Source Parentssociety When passengers board the aircraft there is almost an unanimous wish that no baby be seated near about them. Not that they don’t like babies but because babies tend to get cranky and when they do then there’s no stopping them. The sound level in their crying is unmatchable and even the aircraft drones and … Continue reading Tips for travelling with baby on a plane

Top 10 most annoying things about flying

Ten Most Annoying Aspects on a Flight  People, in general, travel by air for two reasons, the primary being to cut short on time and the other being comfort. If either goes missing then flying becomes an unpleasant affair. Once in the air, one wants an ambiance of tranquillity and comfort. However, certain annoying factors do occur which we must take in our stride and try to convert them into … Continue reading Top 10 most annoying things about flying

10 ways to survive a long-haul flight

10 WAYS TO PASS TIME ON LONG FLIGHT Travelling on a long haul flight is an experience in itself. Some enjoy it and some abhor it. But then, it is a fact that long flights do tend to disorient you when you pass through various time zones and unless you take certain precautions and plan it out you would have a miserable flight. 1. Pre-Flight Precautions … Continue reading 10 ways to survive a long-haul flight

Top 10 things to know before booking a flight

Things to do before booking a flight Are you booking a flight? Looking to get the cheapest fares? Then hold on, don’t rush it. It’s a rather challenging and daunting task to find suitable flights that are also cheap. Follow our top ten points which will guide you for booking the same. After much research and observations our experienced team at AirTkt.com offers to you … Continue reading Top 10 things to know before booking a flight

Attractions in San Diego

Top 7 must see attractions in San Diego America’s finest city San Diego is the oldest town in California which is US Navy’s Pacific Fleet and sits adjacent to the US Mexico border.  It is with 70 miles of beautiful beaches, natural beauty and climate with plenty of sunshine, San Diego offers a fun and inexpensive getaway during all seasons of the year.The coastal seat … Continue reading Attractions in San Diego