Top 10 essential travel items

Whenever you travel you want to pack as many items as you can. At that point of time every article seems to be essential. However, that becomes slightly difficult as there are baggage weight restraints. When flying the airline imposes certain restrictions on the amount of baggage you can check in and carry on board. Taking into account your destination and your priorities you need to pack your requirements judiciously.
Certain accessories that which are most commonplace and fundamental to air travel need a mention here. These options may come in handy for you whenever you take a flight to go somewhere.
1) Adaptor and charger:
Always carry a compact adaptor and a charger in which you can plug in multiple electronics. Ensure that it has different plug configurations so that it can be used in most of the countries of the world.
2) Carry On Bag:
You need to pick out a really good carry on bag, an expandable one preferably. It should have the best in class wheels and a hinged padded organizer panel that protects a laptop and an Ipad in separate pockets. In addition  a RFID-protected shoulder bag would be ideal to carry your passport, currency, tablet, etc. Nowadays, RFID-protected bags include a special fabric technology that keeps illegal scanners from capturing the data on credit cards and passport. Added security features like slash proof straps lockable zippers and mesh liners protect you from pickpockets and other thieves.
3) Pillow:
 If it’s a long haul flight you are taking, then do carry a pillow with you. There are a number of types of pillows available that you can choose from according to your comfort zone. There is lumbar pillow, a  neck pillow, a table pillow, a body travel pillow, a tray table pillow and if you don’t need any of these then you always have the air plane pillow in the aircraft to help you out.
4) Medical kit:
Flying sometimes disturbs your sleep pattern and a long flight can definitely drive you round the bend if you don’t get enough rest. So make sure that you pack your medical kit in your carry on . Herein you can keep your medicines and jet-lag pills too.

5) Cosmetics:
Your essentials and toiletries like face cleanser, moisturiser for face and body, shampoo, body wash; conditioner and carry on cosmetics are required for you to freshen up near the end of your flight. Procure a compact and well designed kit which will offer organized storage. 
6) Pair of socks:
 In flight the temperature at times becomes quite cold. For further comfort a suitable pair of socks is a must. Light slippers also are an aid to movement inside the aircraft.
7) Noise-Cancelling Headphones:  
In a flight one always wants to relax and be comfortable. The constant drone of the aircraft engines and noisy children or a group of talkative people around you can be very irritating and it would be quite rude to ask them to keep silent. To pre-empt such a situation include noise cancelling headphones or earplugs in your carry on. They really will be of great help when you require them. By the way, don’t forget to include an eye mask. To completely disconnect you need to shut the lights out too!!
8) Laptop :

 Your laptop should be fully loaded before you step into the flight. In the long hours that you would be flying you would want a little time to go through your work/business sheets or maybe check out on your travel plans or maybe want to watch a movie. If you have no company and a neighbour who doesn’t like to talk, your laptop would be the best companion.

9) Kindle:
Amazon’s first generation e-book reader, the Kindle is something that should not be missed out. The latest Kindle will easily fit into your bag. It’s less than a cm thick and weighs just 170 g. It can take up to 1400 books and boasts of a battery life of 15 hours and runs nearly as many comics as it does novels. No way could that boredom envelop you here.

10) Cleansing wipes:
Long hours in a flight leave us, at times, feeling groggy and dirty. The toilettes may not be as clean as we may have wished. So carry the pocket-sized cleansing wipes which are gentle enough to use on hands, body and face. They will give you a tingling fresh feeling and a brighter look. Also pack along with the wipes a hand sanitizer as you’ll want to clean your hands every now and then.


  1. Very true. The article is indeed very informative. Though the things mentioned are basic necessities while traveling, but I often miss one or two things. Thanks for making a helpful list! I am just going to save it in my phone 🙂


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