Top 10 most annoying things about flying

Ten Most Annoying Aspects on a Flight

 People, in general, travel by air for two reasons, the primary being to cut short on time and the other being comfort. If either goes missing then flying becomes an unpleasant affair. Once in the air, one wants an ambiance of tranquillity and comfort. However, certain annoying factors do occur which we must take in our stride and try to convert them into pleasant ones by following these simple basics:

1) Pre-flightDo not consume alcohol or items containing caffeine as they induce dehydration. As it is, the air in the cabin is dry and humidity is hardly existent. Take a lot of water and juices and you can also have tea or decaffeinated coffee
Also avoid heavy meals or meals consisting of stuff like onions, cauliflower, beans, etc. which stir up gastric problems. 
In case you suffer from motion sickness please carry your medicine and use it as prescribed. 
In case you are allergic to certain foods or you require a particular type, then in advance you can inform your booking agent or the airline to reserve such food.
2) Do not have children running up and down the aisles. Besides the disturbance created they might accidentally knock down articles on trays or unintentionally bump into people. Do not change a diaper on the tray table which is meant for eating as it’s not a good sight to witness.
3) Do not carry foods that contain a strong odour, for example, tuna fish, and pickle, etc.
4) Do not stand outside the galleys or near about the exit doors to stretch and exercise as it impedes free movement for others.
5) Do not enter the galleys to talk to attendants or pick up something you want to eat or drink.
6) Please do not stack your overhead bin with real heavy or large carry-on baggage. If all do that, the bin might not be able to take the load on take-off or landing and if that happens you know where the baggage will land!!!
7) Some passengers have the habit of suddenly reclining the seat all the way without warning or indicating to the person sitting behind. This puts the person seated behind in a acutely distressing position. Even to get up he would find it almost impossible to do so without pushing the perpetrator’s seat forward.
Image source : Huffingtonpost
8) Sometimes, there is a group travelling and they tend to huddle together and make loud conversations little realizing the discomfort being caused to others seated nearby. Sometimes they call out to each other or throw things around playfully at the risk of hurting someone. These acts seem normal to them but have a very negative effect on fellow passengers. Please do not be a part of them or encourage such activities.
9) Then there are passengers who misbehave with flight attendants. They demand extras and treat them shabbily. Instead of using the call button to attract their attention, they call out to them or snap their fingers to beckon them.
10) Please keep the toilets clean. Do not mess them up by blocking them with tissues or not flushing them and by leaving the washbasin dirty after use. Remember that at least more than a hundred people would like to use them. Imagine, if each passenger messed it up some way or the other what would be the condition of the flight by the time it lands. Only smelly?!!!

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