Things you shouldn’t say to flight attendants

 8 Things you shouldn’t say to flight attendants 
 When you look into the life of flight attendants you might be surprised how they deal with groper, fighter, flasher and pressers type of passengers. They have to be cheerful, polite all time as they are known as dedicated professionals.  This profession must be looking awesome but not as we think. The majority of passengers have gone nuts these days. Even when everyone wants to be an excellent passenger, but haven’t we seen a bad passenger? As well asking nonsense question which are not even relevant. flight attendants are at your disposal every time, not because of job but it’s in their habit now. when passengers will improve their habits no one knows but they will complain to them even when they know the reasons things happening. But think what you are asking and what you will get 
You can’t demand everything from flight attendants. See what happened last week in Kunming Airlines flight in china –South China Morning Post. and with Stanley a flight attendant in Delta when she was suspended for not serving alcohol-USA today
  “We probably haven’t been home in days. Our layovers are often short leaving us tired and we never eat meals at a consistent time. But we do love our jobs. A simple smile and a ‘thank you’ can make our day.” Says a flight attendant to a channel in an interview.
“There are several things that annoy us while serving or walking through the lane” Paula Mitchell (flight attendant) writes on her post on a forum  Quora. She further says, “Clicking fingers at me to get my attention, talking too loudly over the safety demo, pulling on my tabard to get my attention during the flight; Removal of shoes and socks, going into the toilet without shoes. There are many things that annoy us.”
We have listed some irrelevant and most annoying questions below that passengers mostly ask to flight attendants. 
  1. Where is my seat?
  2. Will you help me to lift my bag?
  3. Do you anything for my child to eat?
  4. Why are we delayed?
  5. Do you have any empty seat?  
Can you reply these irrelevant questions? I think yes and no, all passengers who travel are well known about these questions but they ask. flight attendants deal with unruly passengers all the time. How they handle a problem passenger depends on the situation. most of the time a few simple techniques can be used to diffuse a situation. lets analyse some more things that happens with flight attendants here
1.     When flight is late? Or delayed
    It’s not up to a flight attendant and h\she can’t actually do anything about it. And think about those who just have arrived on the plane. Actually it’s not anyone’s hand when flights are delayed that has several reasons and passengers should understand. You can’t fly straight through, there are certain guidelines that airlines follow.
2.     Complaining about meal or food?
   Think before commenting on food you are getting in flight. Flight attendants are not cooking for you.  Airlines don’t have kitchen and you are not on the earth, don’t complain to flight about food and think before complaining about food. When get on board a plane or a cruise to travel thousands of feet above and the flavor of everything from pasta dish to a mouthful of wine becomes manipulated.
3.     Kids
   Can you hold my kid? Can you watch my kids? Aren’t’ these irrelevant questions? Flight attendants are not here for everything you want playing with your kids and making them entertain, they have a lot do.  If you are taking your kids with you then you must have planned well for their requirements if not then think for it. “I’ve had passengers get mad at me because we didn’t have a play area on the plane. Another passenger came to the back of the plane and asked me where she could put her baby. She didn’t want to hold it,” flight attendant Heather Poole told Parade Magazine.
4.     Luggage
    Can you help me with my bags? It’s not their duty to lift your bag. Even flights suggest in their baggage policy to no to travel with heavy bags, use carry on which can be comfortable for you. In case you request politely some of them may help you and they help only for disabled people.
5.     Drinks
   What kind of drinks do you have? This drink is too expensive! Will you have cocktail with me? All are just rubbish questions. You must aware of the beverage the airline is providing and usually they announce it in PA system. There must be a card also on your seat that describes everything which you can order. And if it’s expensive then what needs to complain to flight attendants. Are they managing prices? 
6.     Phone
    Can I call you? Why, you are not only one she is working for. I will turn off my in a minute! No! Turn off is now, you are advised before board. Many passengers know the different airlines electronics policies well and they follow it properly. This is helpful for all passengers and you must be aware of it.
7.     I have a bomb, don’t joke.
    I have Ebola or I have bomb, is there any bomb? Are we travelling with any terrorist? It may be joke for you but not for flight attendants. Seriously, it’s not a joke for flight attendants they take it seriously. It can get you thrown off the flight or you may face trouble and that can cause delays and cancellations as well. So mind your jokes!
8.     Tip
    Can you accept this tip for being so helpful with us? Its a kindness and generousness on their service but No, it’s against of cabin crew policy so don’t try for it. Sometime some airlines allow flight attendants to receive tip, if passenger request more than once.  

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